Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

Orthopaedic Rehabilitation has established as a subspecialty at the Hong Kong College of Orthopaedic Surgeons. It mainly focuses in form and function, and that is important in every orthopaedic practice.

One of the principles in Orthopaedic Rehabilitation is multidisciplinary care. It is exemplified by the rehabilitation of a spinal cord injury patient. Due to the injury at the spinal cord level, a significant portion of the bodily function would be lost. It is especially true in a cervical spinal cord injury patient. Besides the orthopaedic side of the disease, an Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Specialist would also need to have the knowledge on the other systems to provide the best coordinated care for the patient. A carefully planned rehabilitation training would certainly help to maximize the patient's function.

The science is evolving and the technology is improving in helping the spinal cord injury patient. Orthopaedic Rehabilitation specialist should embrace the skill, as a way to improve the 'form and function' after the various form of disease with disability.